Rig Tarps

Lea-Der™ Rig Tarps are durable all-season weather resistant tarps for drilling rigs, service rigs, and any industrial application.


  • Protection to rig crews & equipment from extreme weather and temperature conditions.

  • Fire & Oil resistant

  • Waterproof

  • Protection for invert or any mud system from rain, snow, moisture, & contamination issues.

  • Flame Resistant

    Meets FTMS 191 method 5903: 2 second flameout
    Meets ASTM D6413: 2 second flameout

  • Low Temperature

    ASTM D2136
    1/8” mandrel, 4 hour pass at -67 F
    3.2 mm mandrel 4 hour pass at -55 F

  • Oil Resistant

    Pass (no seepage) Mil-Prt-20696F
    Meets ASTM D6413: 2 second flameout

  • Types

    19.5 oz heavy duty oil & fire-resistant vinyl
    21 oz Neoprene fabric for below -50c use

We repair, modify and build new oil & flame resistant low-temperature tarps.