Anti-Slip Safety Solutions

Minimize the risk of slips, trips, and falls in the harshest working environments with proven TRAX Anti-Slip Safety Solutions

TRAX™ anti-slip covers eliminate slips, trips and falls in any industrial or commercial environment by ensuring maximum traction for workers and pedestrians in numerous applications such as stairs, ladders, and walkways.

UBS Industrial Solutions is the authorized distributor of TRAX™ anti-slip products for North America. Our products and custom applications are currently providing safer footing every minute of every day for thousands of people throughout the United States and Canada.

Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers

Completely eliminate the risk of slipping on smooth, bare ladder rungs with the simple installation of TRAX™ Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers, featuring a gritted surface that provides more grip for hands or feet, whether dry or wet. These are available for both round and square rung designs.

Anti-Slip Step Covers

TRAX™ Anti-Slip Step Covers eliminate slips, trips, and falls for workers by ensuring maximum traction on stairs in your facility. When placed over the leading edge of the stair tread, a TRAX™ Step Cover will provide a bright and contrasting line that defines the edge of every tread and create a robust high traction zone exactly where it is needed.

Anti-Slip Walkway Covers

TRAX™ Walkway Covers are lightweight yet incredibly strong anti-slip sheets that can be custom shaped or cut to almost any configuration. They are installed over your existing walkway surface providing a fast, permanent, and highly effective way to enhance safety and clearly delineate dedicated safe walkway zones.

Custom Solutions

UBS designs and installs many custom applications in high-traffic and high-risk areas for our clients. We have implemented many unique applications, large and small, to help our clients improve worker safety. These include areas such as: